Stanford University

Five Reasons Why               (Trailer for documentary film)              Editor
Hawaii Love Stories            (Reality TV Show Episode #4)               Editor
Stanford Football 06-07 (Commercials, Overlays, Highlight Reels) Editor
Howz My Ride                     (Pilot for Hawaii based Reality TV)       Editor
Edutainment Resources    (Educational videos)                               Editor
Stories & Sessions                (Extreme Sports Video)                       Director, DP, Editor                            
Punishment in Paradise Vol. 1 & 2  (Mixed Martial Arts DVD’s)       Director, Editor, DP
Shooto Hawaii Unleashed (MMA Event for Japan TV)                       Director, DP
Music Video,                       (Artist - Steven Thomson)                    1st Assistant DP / AC                                    
Music Video,                       (Artist - FORCE ONE NETWORK)           DP 
Music Video,                       (Artist - BRAY)                                      DP 
Music Video,                       (Artist - THIRST)                                   DP                                                                    
NBC                                      (“Three Wishes” Pilot )                         Production PA/Jib Assistant
Several Commercial / Corporate Videos                                          Editor, DP
Bear Valley      
Hawaii Love Stories
Live Music Video
Documentary  Five Reasons Why
Narrative Projects
Digital Media Academy - Instructor/Director
Sharpshooter Spectrum -  Video Production Manager
ID Tech Camps- Director
Circle 3 Productions - Lead Editor
Age: 29
Education: BA Film Production
School:  UCSC
Education: AA Broadcast Communications
School:  Cuesta College
Occupation:  Freelance Editor
Stanford University Marketing Dept.
Digital Media Academy
Vance Capital Management
Media Magik Entertainment
Amy Wilson (director of Five Reasons Why)
Sea Life Park
Many more upon request....
Universities - Where I teach film production
Stanford University
UT Austin
Applied School of Science and Mathematics
(South Carolina)
Saint Mary’s